Polan Culley Inc. is one of the top lobby groups in Austin, representing companies, industries, organizations, and individuals before the Texas Legislature and all Texas state agencies.


The partners at Polan Culley are well respected and have been consistently rated among the top lobbyists by members of the legislature. Our hallmarks are excellent research and strong factual presentations in a straight forward, low-key manner.


But, our activities go beyond traditional lobbying. Our people are legislative strategists and dynamic project managers. We analyze issues, organize resources, develop strategic plans, and implement successful political programs.


Polan Culley provides services that mean success regardless of circumstances. We serve our clients in all areas of legislative and administrative program design and implementation. Our personnel and services are unique and unparalleled for clients who need representation in Texas.



Our philosophy is simple - we believe in winning.


Whether you need to advance an issue or protect a position, we believe you can win with the right strategy and hard work.


We believe the best way to advance your agenda is through solid preparation, factual presentations, precise timing, and relentless perseverance.


We believe every company has issues that can be advanced or protected with proper management.


We believe in developing and enhancing relationships with legislators and government officials to benefit our clients.


We believe representing a client in the political arena is a privilege we must earn everyday.