Polan Culley Inc.



We offer everything needed to create the right strategy for your public affairs program.


Strategy and Program Management

Whether your goal is to pass needed legislation or protect your position, Polan Culley will help you define the components of your issues, develop a strategy for success, and manage your program to a successful conclusion.


Direct Lobby Contact

There is no substitute for direct personal contact when trying to advance a position. Our partners meet with members of the legislature year-round to discuss your issues, resolve problem areas, and create avenues for success. During session, they meet daily to make certain your program succeeds.


In-Depth Research and Analysis

Research is the foundation of successful public affairs programs. Understanding the political philosophies, district demographics, and personal preferences of each member of the legislature are essential to the success of your program. Polan Culley's research and analysis of the Texas Legislature is unparalleled in the lobby profession.


Bill Drafting

Drafting legislation is an art. Narrowing the focus of a bill to accomplish only the client's goal can reduce or eliminate unwanted opposition in the legislative arena. Our political experts will draft legislation that encompasses your program, but does not affect others who may oppose or defeat your bill.


Coalition Building

Many times, your issues are the same as other companies, organizations, and associations. Our experienced staff can identify key players and groups that share your political interests, and build a coalition that can help you achieve your political goals.


Tracking Legislation

With almost 6,000 bills filed each session, proper tracking and monitoring of legislation is critical. Polan Culley maintains a sophisticated computerized tracking system unmatched in the lobby profession. In addition, we read every bill filed to make certain your interests are protected.